Sunday, December 13, 2009


Saturday night, Marty and I went to a progressive dinner. In order to protect the privacy and the security of some of the guests we will just say it was in the Oakland Hills. It was the annual Neighborhood Christmas dinner. We love to go to this dinner. We are never sure if we will be invited, and thrilled when we are. Why not sure, we haven't lived in that neighborhood for 6 years. But as one neighbor said last night, "Of course you are invited, you are alumni." Oh, that neighbor is Rita Moreno.

We ate oh so well. There was caviar on little tiny red and purple potatoes, pigs in a blankets, brisket, chicken divan, German desserts, homemade chocolate peppermint bark. And many more great foods. We had appetizers and wine at house one. Then the main course at house two, and then dessert at house three. The food as usual was fabulous. But the fun of laughing and talking with neighbors was the best part.
During dessert we sang Christmas Carols. And our choir director, Rita. Below talking as we picked our next song, Lew and Maria.
Rita Moreno and Lorraine
The fabulous Rita Moreno.
Lucky me with Rita Moreno
Hey we have two pictures, I am going to use them both.

The best part of Rita Moreno as a neighbor and fellow party guest. She is so normal, so fun, so real. When we first met her at a party, she walked up and said, "Hi, I'm Rita." Like we wouldn't know her. A lovely gracious woman.

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Janet Rudolph said...

Wish I could have been there. Next year...of course, only if I'm invited again. Oh, the pains of working. Glad you had such a good time