Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Yes, the above is the shout that went up yesterday at the marriage factory. Before I arrived they had performed 20 ceremonies. And the staff person scheduled for that morning was on vacation. So everyone was doing weddings.

I did 12.4 weddings ( I made up that .4) I did 12 full weddings and almost another one. I had waited for three elevator runs of guests, seated guests, questioned the couple, placed the couple, lined up the camera people, and was ready to start. "Oh, we need the ceremony to be in Spanish so everybody will understand it." So I brought in another commissioner.

Most of the other weddings were sweet, no problems, and no weird people. One wedding the bride was really shaky. She was weak kneed and I was afraid she was going to hit the floor. The groom looked at her, made sure she wanted to go on with the ceremony, and literally held her up throughout the rest of the ceremony. It was so sweet to see him taking care of her.

And then we had the big stand out wedding. Yesterday the lobbies were packed. Many of the couples had 20+ guests. So it was crowded and loud. As I was headed to the elevator with a couple we heard a huge loud, drawn out burp. This was so loud it drowned out the loudspeaker and all the people talking. Totally gross and it sounded planned. And I thought OK, rude child somewhere. The next license brought to me was slammed down and the clerk said she was glad to get the groom away from her counter. She wanted them married and out of the building. During the paper work the groom was laughing and burping, loudly. He was not the loud burp I heard, that was his brother the witness. Joy, I get to spend some quality time with serial burpers. I told her my school teaching hat was about to come out.

We get in the elevator (a man who is staff also was on the elevator) and the groom says, "I think I will burp again." I looked at him like he was 6 years old and said, "Don't you dare, that is totally inappropriate. And you, (meaning the brother) better not either. What we heard was gross and inappropriate, and I don't want to hear it." The staff person is looking at me like he is terrified I will start on him next. The bride thanked me for stopping them.

If people are 18 years old or older we have to let them buy a marriage license. But that does not mean all are old enough to marry.

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