Friday, December 11, 2009


Wednesday I did 7 weddings. And when I left there were others to do. I had to leave by 3;30 on Wednesday and of course it became very busy about the time I needed to leave. When I left there were 3 more couples to process. We knew one was to be married then. The other two I don't know. I left early to get ready for a business dinner.

None of the couples were dressed up. It was the day of jeans and sweat shirts. Several of the couples had new born babies with them. No one stands out except for the Muslim couple. They were very nice, it was a love match. But he would not shake hands with me. I guess as a woman I was not good enough.

I take it back, one couple stands out. And not in a good way. They were both 18, and he was so immature. It was all a joke to both of them. All through the ceremony he would whip around and pose for pictures. She did some, but he was just ridiculous. He did exaggerated poses, he stopped during his vows, he was just obnoxious.

Tomorrow Open Studios. I hope my feet hold up.

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