Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Monday was such a fun day. Seven weddings and most of the brides had on beautiful dresses. And the ones in jeans were oh so sweet.

One of the weddings I checked the license and saw they had been divorced on the the same date. Further reading showed they had the same last names. I read a lot of mysteries and I put the clues together. We had a remarriage. They had been divorced several years ago. And now they are trying it again. Lots of love in the room, such a sweet couple. I hope this time it works.

An older couple, still younger than I am, were dressed to the teeth. He was in a good looking suit; she in a cobalt blue cocktail dress, blue lizard (some reptile) heels, and a darling vintage cocktail hat. For you youngsters, many years ago after 5:00 you didn't wear hats, unless it was a cocktail hat. They are little tiny sexy hats with a whisper of a veil, and some type of decoration. This one was a matching blue, veil just to her eyes, and had a gorgeous blue crystal pin on it. Stunning outfit!

The last wedding the Bride was from Brazil and he was American. Lots of Brazilian friends there. She was lovely, she was dressed in a heavy satin floor length dress. And her headdress was a lovely band through her hair. The band had little flowers and crystals on it. A classy looking band. As I talked to them I realized she spoke little English, but did understand English. I said they could do their vows in Portuguese to make it easier for her (one of the guests was to translate if needed). The groom laughed and said he only spoke English. True love needs no common language. The wedding went fine, she repeated her vows with no trouble.

There were several other lovely traditional wedding dresses. But the best one was so original, so lovely, so like a princess dress yet not wide as the room. The couple was so lovely, deeply in love, the room radiated good feelings. She could have been in a flour sack ( yes youngsters, flour used to come in big sacks, and people used the sacks to make clothing) and she still would have been drop dead beautiful. The dress: strapless, A line, heavy taffeta, to the floor. Why was this such a different dress? The front had tulle on the bias, draped to the waist, held in place by incredible applique work. Then from the waist it softly draped to the floor. Oh and it was the palest pink you have ever seen. Just enough color to give the dress pizazz. Of course he had a pink rose boutonniere and she had a pinkish roses bouquet.

Now I must leave for the County Building. Time to go let happy people get married.

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Janet Rudolph said...

Sounds like a happy day at the Courthouse.