Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Sorry, sorry, sorry. I have been busy and just didn't get around to posting. I have been nudged to post. And this time it wasn't by Noemi. So . . .

Saturday and Sunday we worked Open Studios. Marty did the demos and I sold lovely pieces of art. Those of you who have come by, thanks for the support. And the rest of you, where are YOU??? Two days of standing on concrete for 8 hours does in this senior citizen's legs and feet. We do enjoy OP, lots of fun, exciting demos with fire and smoke. Last week we had one piece that shattered in the annealing oven right after Marty closed the doors. It became more exciting because they had to get the piece out before flying parts hit other pieces.

Monday only one wedding. Two 18 year olds, who mugged and posed for pictures through out the ceremony. They didn't get how serious a decision they made. After they were pronounced married, they said we should have brought a broom and jumped the broomstick. I got our decorated broom and redid the ceremony for them.

Tuesday I worked with the first graders. Some are just really having a hard time reading. One little boy keeps telling me."I can't read, so I can't do this. I can't read." I keep telling him that is why I am there, to help him read. I explained I couldn't read when I was his age, that everyone has to learn how. When I work with him he won't make eye contact, he chews on his clothes and arms, he cries, and he will just shut down and refuse to try. Very difficult to work with him and not yell in frustration ( both of us need to yell). Yesterday the first time I worked with him, it was the same, crying and chewing. The next time he came back to me, picked up the little book and read it perfectly! ( we have worked over and over on this little book) He tried, he read smoothly, he had expression, he SMILED, and he got hugs from Ms. H and from me. And Ms. H took off one of his check marks. (they have check marks by their names when they get in trouble) This was such a feel good moment. A child had success and was recognized by the adults as successful to the class. And that is why I love working with first graders.

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