Thursday, December 31, 2009


Yesterday around 45 weddings were done at the county building. Most were done by staff in the morning. I arrived around 1:00 and I did at least 12 weddings by 4:45. I lost count at some point.

I had one couple who were experienced at marriage. She had been married 4 times and was 45 years old. He had been married 3 times and was 52. Do we think number 8 is the winning combination? No, sadly the odds are against it.

One wedding group was large, close to 30 people. I called the couple's name and they came up to me. In the group were three young girls ( maybe 9, 10, and 12 ) and the youngest rudely (all about the tone) told me, "That isn't her name!" I asked the bride for the pronunciation and she said I was correct. Her spelling was Sharon, the child said it was pronounced Share roon. In the wedding room the group was yelling, the girls were running around screaming, I tried to get folks to sit down so I could do my job. No hope there. More loudness and ignoring me. I had three licenses waiting for me. I had to get the show on the road. I used my school teacher voice and said, "I am the only one who gets to talk now." And then we started the wedding. The couple acted like it was all a big joke, mugging, posing, no interest in the ceremony ( these people are in their 30's, old enough to know better). Every time I said the bride's name one of the girls would say, "That isn't her name." I even had trouble getting the witnesses to sign, they were too busy taking pictures. They told me to wait. I was so glad to get this rude group out of the building.

One couple sent such a mixed message. The bride was tattooed, across her chest, behind her ears, all over her arms, and on her legs. The groom was tattooed on his neck and his hands. There could have been more hidden by clothing. And the clothing, very very conservative. He had on a dark suit, white shirt, and tie; she had on a cocktail dress and black pumps. Very sweet couple.

One bride wore a funky black chiffon dress with raw edges with a grey underskirt hanging out. That dress was just weird. And the bride wore shoes like a nun from the 60's. You remember, when the nuns started wearing shorter skirts and you could see their heavy duty shoes? It really looked like a nun's habit/wedding dress.

Lots of others. A busy good day. And the best one:

I saw a young couple come into the building and join another couple. I knew when I saw them. I just knew. Clean cut, brisk in movements. And when I met them they called me Ma'am. I knew it in my bones, they were all military. There is an air of respect, a look, a politeness from our service people. This group was Coast Guard. They stand out as special because they are special.

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