Thursday, December 17, 2009


Monday I did 4 weddings and Wednesday I did 5 weddings. Not a huge amount, but enough to feel I was helping out.

One on Monday was just weird. The clerk C gave me the license and said, "I don't get this couple. They just act weird and strange." She was right. They were from India. It was a long term relationship, they had been together several years. We should have felt and seen some affection. NO. He seemed concerned and caring about her. She was an Ice Princess, no evident feelings. She wouldn't hold hands with him, wouldn't even look at him. Very strange.

The last couple that day were older, in their sixties. The love in the room was wonderful. They adored each other. It was a great ending to the day. As I left them at the marriage desk to get their certified copy of the license, he asked if he could hug me. Of course I said yes. I am always up for hugs.

Wednesday I did two weddings that had senior citizens. Such love, such fun to do these weddings. The second one I called their names, nothing. I called them again and someone said they are outside. Yes they were, smoking like chimneys. The couple and about 10 guests were smoking away. Then we got on the elevator. You can not imagine the stench of all those smokers in such close quarters. And as an ex smoker, I am really offended by the smell. In spite of that they were a fun couple to be with. They had been engaged 9 years. When he told his Mother that they were marrying ( this woman had to be at least in her late 80's) she had said, "It's about time." They took a picture of the license to prove to her they really were finally married.

One of the weddings was a little different. The groom was in a gorgeous suit, the bride also in a beautiful high fashion suit. Hers was black with silver leather inserts. She was a tiny woman on 5 inch heels. He still was more than a foot taller that she was. And she had what men call a RACK! They were pushed up, pushed to the middle, and the blouse was unbuttoned down to there. Unbuttoned to the danger point. Dark shades were beginning to show. I did not know where to look. I just knew one of the girls would flop out any second. Luckily, that didn't happen. During the ceremony the groom gazed at her with adoration. And she looked like a cat licking cream off her lips. She looked like a woman who had won, not like a woman in love.


noemi said...

Maybe it's time to look at your Triple Wedding video again.

Janet A said...

I'am not sure if the link is still good.