Friday, January 8, 2010


Today I went out to re program everything on my car. After the great battery death and computer crash all memory was lost. They downloaded updates, that changed how some of the system worked. JOY. I began with the phone, that was the easy one, wrong. It would not recognize my blue tooth. I tried and tried for 15 minutes, nothing. I am ready to cry. So I quit and moved on.

I set the mirrors, steering wheel, and all the buttons on the seat. Then I moved on to the radios, weather, ( ignored it) FM and AM that took much longer than I remembered. I put in only a couple of stations. I couldn't remember what else I had had set up. Then I moved to the satellite radio. We have moved into hell. Nothing would work like it did a year ago. Finally I put the directions down and started punching buttons. I figured it out and put in my favorite 10 stations. Yeah, I have 10 presets. Now back to the phone.

I read the directions again, I follow them. Things are not lighting up to be punched. Over and over I punch update and other things. No Blue tooth found. I go get Marty after another 30 minutes. He tries, it doesn't recognize his phone either. This does not make sense, last time when we got in the car the first time it said blue tooth found. No punching buttons, it just did it on both our phones. I am furious, they have not fixed my stupid car. I call my service rep, got voicemail, and said I am on the way. And I expect them to fix this right now. They only work by appointments. I know I will have to make a scene.

I pull in and my rep is getting out of the car next to me. Talk about a double take. He came over and I unloaded. He tried and couldn't get the blue tooth to work. So he took the car into the shop. He came back, no problem, I hadn't clicked on the right lines. Well they didn't light up when I tried and when Marty tried, WHY? He doesn't know, he will get Mike his phone guru.

Fifteen minutes late Mike gets in the car. He shows me what to do, I said I did that IT DID NOT WORK, IT DID NOT LIGHT UP BELOW WHEN WE CLICKED ON IT. He said he was sorry, he didn't see it when it wasn't working. He then showed me how to put in contacts, that I had been told I couldn't do. I had put in every contact manually before the crash. Now I point and they download. So there was one good thing out of this nightmare.

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