Sunday, January 24, 2010


This weekend Marty and I tested another recipe for Cook's Illustrated. It is a spinach salad with fennel and apple. And I just realized tonight we didn't take any pictures.

The recipe called for baby spinach, golden delicious apples cut into match sticks, the bulb of fennel sliced very thinly. There also are fennel fronds, shallots, lemon zest, mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, olive oil. Everything is chopped or used to make the dressing.

Let me make it clear I am not fond of fennel. I dislike the taste of licorice. And spinach does not like me. I like it but often it makes me sick. Don't ask. So this was not a salad I really wanted to try. I told Marty to go on and make it ( he loves everything in it, and has no "problems") For the record I had no problems this time with the spinach.

This salad is great. All the flavors meld beautifully. The fennel does not dominate as it often does. It is crisp, tangy, and yummy. The recipe says it is for 6. Marty and I halved it and there was still plenty for 6.

We will make this again. I would post the recipe, but we agreed not to share it. Until it is perfected and used in the magazine we can't share it on this blog. Of course, if you ask I might email you.

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