Thursday, January 14, 2010


Monday and Wednesday were not real busy. I did 4 or 5 each day. There were some really sweet couples. Also there were some that were difficult to do, and there were the thin white dresses.

Difficult to do for a couple of reasons.

The crying baby wedding. For nearly an half an hour we could hear a baby screaming in the lobby. This was constant screaming, I don't know how the child could breathe at the same time. Lucky me they were there to get married. As the paper work was being done the mother whipped out a boob and tried to feed the baby. The clerk was offended. She is a mother and all for breast feeding, but we all agreed a blanket over the shoulder would be more appropriate. The baby screamed through the ceremony. No one seemed to do anything. No bouncing the baby, no burping her, no walking with her. They then went downstairs and sat about 20 minutes with the child still screaming.

The underage groom: If the bride or groom is younger than 18, a judge must give permission for the marriage. The groom was 10 months short of 18, the bride was 22. They had the court order allowing him to marry. She was in a beautiful traditional sari, he had on baggy pants and a backwards baseball cap. Traditional California boy. Can you say arranged marriage?

The first white dress was stunning. It was a long tulle sheath, seed pearl spaghetti straps, with a handkerchief hem. There were several beautiful lace pieces scattered on it. There was an under skirt to the knees, which was too sheer not to have a slip under it. This lovely vision of a woman had on a white thong.

Second white dress: This was a huge wedding group. Everyone was dressed up. We had a bouquet, boutonnieres, we had corsages. The groom had on a white suit with pale blue trim ( to match the bride's fingernails). We had a best man and a maid of honor. As Daddy walked the bride in, the crowd hummed the wedding march. They were a happy excited group. And the bride? Short gathered dress of chiffon, spaghetti straps, white underskirt, white thong.

Now for the rant. Do these people not have mirrors? Is this a new look that I am too old to appreciate? The clerks are much younger than I am, and the thongs offend them. Buy a slip, I am sure Macy's still sells them.

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