Sunday, January 17, 2010


Today we went into San Francisco for the Fancy Food Show. There are 2000 vendors of food and food related products: Candy, meat, baskets, oils, wine and spirits, cheese, dips, spreads, chips, bread, and on and on. This is a little of what we saw over 5 1/2 hours in the North Hall. Tomorrow we go back to see the South Hall.
Marty gave me his old digital camera. I used it for the first time today. Do you like the arty black and white pictures? I know so little about the camera I didn't realize it was on black and white. Tomorrow, with luck, color. But I do like the black and white, dramatic.
Remember to click on the pictures to enlarge them.
The Entrance
Vanilla bean booth

Marty and a crowd scene

These ladies presented an oil with a pump that is non aerosol. So a very low calorie green product. There were different flavors of oils. You use it instead of lot of oil or bacon grease in my case. There may be other uses, I missed part of their presentation. If I remember correctly the woman on the right is Sherene Costanzo, founder. Very impressive product.

Best boxed prepared soup ever. We tried a couple of them, I loved the wild mushroom soup: rice noodles, mixture of mushrooms, rich broth. The mushrooms smelled like you had just sliced them and thrown them into the broth. It was outstanding!

Not a great picture. This is Silver Moon, ice cream. I had the vanilla Bourbon ice cream. Of course I did. What else would a Southern Belle pick? I asked where I could buy it in Oakland. And the first store listed, The Village Market. Yeah! It is 90 seconds from my house, all downhill.

Marty waiting in line at Stubbs for brisket and sausage. The sauce and meat was really, really good. The lines were very long. People know this product and will wait for it.

Doesn't she have a wonderful smile? Her product of sauces were great.

Johnny's French Dip sauce, Caesar dressing and many other products. We all use this and it is one to continue using. They are sending Marty and me some samples. I can't wait.

Tomorrow we will attack this hall, the South Hall.

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kts said...

YUM! I am envious and glad you guys had fun!