Sunday, January 3, 2010


Marty and I have had a fairly normal weekend, for the first time in weeks. He made glass Saturday and I did laundry and ironed a hundred shirts. Well, maybe 9 shirts and one pair of Dockers.

It was a weekend of emails and phone calls. Family news was sent/told to us. Our nephew and his wife are pregnant again. And they possibly will be transferred in the last part of the pregnancy. If this move happens they will be at Travis Air Force Base. We are thrilled they will be that close to us for many reasons. We will have them close, and they are a fun couple. Also my brother and his lovely wife will be out here as often as possible. Nothing like grand kids to get them on a plane. If this all comes together, Christmas dinner at my house this year.

Marty and I did our Sunday thing and went to the movies. We had lunch there, hot dogs, coke, and popcorn. It just doesn't get any better. We saw Sherlock Holmes. It was fun, tense, and intelligent. I missed parts of it because of the violence and the gross stuff (dead rats, dead frogs, etc., lots of blood,). Yes, I watched parts of it with my hands over my face. Marty and I were pleased that all the mysteries of the "magic" were explained. I know this was filmed with the thought of a franchise. That's OK with us. We would go see Robert Downey, Jr. read the phone book. Bring on the sequels.

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