Friday, January 1, 2010


We had a quiet evening at home. Marty tested a recipe for the Test Kitchen. We were invited to a party. I ached, my bones and joints hurt like hell. So we stayed home. We watched a movie ON DEMAND and then the Ball Drop from Time Square. We drank Prosecco, which I love, as we watched the New Year in.

I may have to write ABC and tell them Dick Clark is now officially scary. I am sorry he had a stroke. I am glad he is better. But he can not be understood when he speaks. He can't seem to control his hands and it is just all very uncomfortable to watch. I kept waiting for something awful to happen. Marty and I think he owns the show, so he keeps performing. It is just really uncomfortable when he is on.

To all of you, a very Happy New Year. It has to be better than 2009.

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