Thursday, January 7, 2010


Tuesday I got in my car, pushed the start button, and CLICK. I tried again, CLICK, and the clock went backward, the wipers tried and stopped. It wouldn't start, I was going to be late to work at school. I called the school and said can't get there. I called Tel aid and they said roadside assistance would call in 15 minutes. And they did. They told me when they would arrive. They jumped the battery. Well and good. Why did the battery die? The car had less than 8000 miles on it. It has been driven regularly. Nothing had been left on. No reason to die. The tech said I needed to take the car in to see why the battery drained.

I drove to the Mercedes dealer, they would work me in. On the way I found out the audio is out: no radio, no GPS, no Cd's, no phone. If they had to order parts they would call me and it would be Thursday before they could work on it. Otherwise, they would call me and I would have the car mid afternoon Wednesday. They gave me a loaner, a Camry. Right no Mercedes were left. This was a basic car. It was dirty, I had to wash the windshield before I could see in order to leave the dealership. It did not fit my body. It was too low, the seat back was wrong. It hurt my back and knees. I hate this crappy dirty car. I will say it is a zippy little car.

Wednesday afternoon no call by 4:00. I got home at 4:45, a message from Mercedes. The car would be ready at 9:30 on Thursday. I left a message, I couldn't get there until 11:00.

Thursday I arrive at 11:05. I asked the service advisor again, why did the battery die? He didn't know. He went to ask the tech. (that would be what used to be a mechanic) After a 10 minute wait, he found out that the satellite radio froze in the on position. And that drained the battery. That doesn't fly. Why didn't I HEAR the radio when I got out of the car? It was not on when I got out Monday night. Any way, he told me he would bring the car around. 10 minutes later he walks up and says sheepishly the radio still doesn't work. They will be a few minutes more. After I have been there an hour. He tells me they are on hold with tech support. I should go home in the crappy loaner and he will call me at 2:00. At 3:00 no phone call I call him. I left a voice mail. At 4:00 I call again, still just voicemail. At 5:00 I call and finally get the human. My car is ready and they are bringing it to me. Around 6:00 I finally got my car.

Everything must be re programed: seat, mirrors, radio, lights, satellite radio, GPS. phone. Who knows what else I will be doing all day Friday to get my car back to normal.

My car has less than 8000 miles on it. It is only a little over a year old. I should feel safe and confident when I get in it. Not any longer. My trust has been shattered.

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