Monday, January 25, 2010


As the title says, I have no endings:

Today was busy. I did 7 weddings, maybe more. I lost count. There were also some Spanish ones, M does those.

At least 99% of my weddings were true love matches. I had brides in long white satin dresses, white cocktail dresses, lovely white and black outfits. The couples were so in love. They held each other after the ceremony, they laughed and cried. There was lots of love in the room each wedding. Except . . .

The awful wedding: The bride turned 18 last week. She still had braces on her teeth. He was a year or so older. Lots of family attending. I called their names and the bride and groom came from different areas of the lobby. We went into the wedding room, they each went to different pew, he on the left side of the room, she went to the right side of the room. This is not a happy couple.

He obviously adored her. She was shaky and scared. He supported her physically. He looked at her with loving eyes. She just looked scared. He held her, he tried to take care of her. She just stood there. When I pronounced them, they didn't kiss. He held her and she just stood there. After they had the paper work done, she left with her family. He came downstairs later with a couple of his friends. Staff and I think she is pregnant, ( looked it but that isn't always a fact)It felt like a forced wedding. Who knows.

As I said, I have no endings.

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