Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back to School

Today was the first day of school after the winter break, or Christmas break as I call it.  The children were wound up, but not too badly.  They needed to be reminded of school rules:  names on papers, soft voices, how to line up, clean up your work space etc, keep your clothes on. 

Yes, children are sexual animals. When you read to them, hands drop into their pants.  This is normal, but not acceptable at school. Two of the little girls were flipping their tops up and flashing people as I read a story. I had a long talk with them about protecting and respecting their bodies. I reminded them that girls keep their bodies covered.  That what ever they do at home, it was unacceptable to take clothes off at school.  I didn't fuss, although I wanted to scream at them, "are you nuts????"

We continued work on contractions, a hard concept for some children. But they are getting it. There were math papers to work on, they sorted words by beginning sounds. They also wrote stories about their winter break.  Over all they settled into work mode pretty well.

I worked with the children in their different groups.  I also listened to some of them read a little book and go through the Dolch list.  Children forget so much over the two week break unless parents work with them.  The ones I worked with individually did well on the reading.  Parents did their jobs.

I read a great book to the class right before lunch, Iggy Peck Architect.  This book has great illustrations, enough ick factor to made the children go yuck, and it has great rhymes.  They really liked it.  One of the children's parents gave the book to the class.

I was glad to be back to school.  I had missed my kids.  And they seemed really happy to see me today.

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