Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fancy Food Show 2012 part 2

Monday we went back to check out the other hall of the Fancy Food Show.  If this is your first time reading my blog, read yesterday’s post to catch up.

I was worried about walking yesterday.  I aggravated an old foot injury.  My foot was swollen and really hurt.  How was I going to walk for hours?  I keep all my support and braces for bad parts and I found an elastic sock with Velcro ankle straps.  I wore it, I was slow, but I made it through the day.

So on to Day 2 of eating our way around the world.


This lovely lady is generously spreading humanely produced Foie Gras on little toast.  I did not discover Foie Gras until well over 50.  I regret those lost years.


One of the hundreds of cheese booths.  There was a point I just couldn’t eat more cheese.


From Italy, Parma Ham on the hoof.  Don’t tell anyone, but I almost like the European hams better than Kentucky Country Hams.  Each type of long cured hams have incredible flavors.

The show has a standing rule, no cameras unless you are a registered press person.  No pictures allowed.  Yet many of the booths ask you to take pictures and put them on Facebook or your blog. Very few booths won’t allow pictures.


I am going to hell for this picture.  After I took it they told me I couldn’t take pictures.  I apologized, told them I had been asked at other booths to take pictures.  I would delete the ones I took.  They carefully watched me delete.  Except as you can see I didn’t, I just pushed the picture to the side.  Bad, Bad me.  Marty didn’t get caught.  He is one sneaky dude.

This is an antipasto spread, company shall remain nameless.  After tasting many of the pickled veggies, I didn’t like anything except the cipollini onions.


This is very much a family pasta sauce business.  The pictures are the parents of the people working the booth. The recipes come from their parents.  The sauce was pretty good.


More ham, this time Speck from the Austrian Italian border. 


More ham and cured meats.  Do you see a pattern here?


This booth was fabulous!  They had duck rillettes, duck pate, duck mousse.  They had other pates and terrines.  But why fill up on those when they were serving duck three ways.  I loved loved the duck.


This picture is for Luis and his family.  Mexico had a huge section of the floor with multiple booths. They served mole, guacamole, salsas, safflower oil, tequila, and other products.  Great display, and it all tasted great also.


And we are walking out the door.  What an incredible event!  I didn’t even show you the candy, cakes, breads, wines, beer . . .   Can’t wait for next year.

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