Friday, January 13, 2012

Two Extremes in Couples

Monday, there wasn't a single couple to marry.  None.  Wednesday I had one couple, then an hour of nothing, then four back to back.  There was another couple who checked in after 4:00 (cut off time) that would have made five.  I already was running past closing so I didn't offer to stay even later.

Today your assignment is to compare and contrast these two couples and their friends.

Couple number 1:  The couple had been together 21 years. She was in slacks that looked like jodhpurs without the balloon hips.  The slacks were tucked into riding boots.  She wore a loose top with a 3/4 coat sweater over it.  She carried a bouquet of roses.  He had on dark slacks and kept changing coats, one a dark sport coat the other a zip up black windbreaker. She decided he should wear the windbreaker (which was good looking) because she gave it to him.  From the time they walked through the door, their friends were taking pictures.  Everyone was laughing, it was a party in the lobby.  They were close to over the top with happiness.

I went out and took them up to the wedding room. I was immediately the Den Mother. They were thrilled with the room, pictures of just the room were taken.  They joked with me, they laughed, they listened to the rules, the help I gave the bride on holding her flowers to photograph better. Their was a lot of noise going on.  I started the ceremony, dead silence.  Cheering when the couple was pronounced married, and the party of happiness picked back up. When I was leaving them at D's office, the guest thanked me and thanked me.  They were amazed how nice a wedding could be at the County building.   I loved these people.  So much fun.

Couple number 2:  The bride and groom were in their early 20's.  They looked scruffy and a little dirty. They had one person with them, a bored young woman who said she guessed she could take some pictures. The groom posed for the pictures throughout the ceremony, never looking at the bride. The bride spent the whole ceremony chewing gum like a cow with a cud.  She also was smacking the gum.  To add to that she examined her nails minutely the whole ceremony, every now and then picking at polish.  There was no emotion, no happiness, not even sadness.  They were just bored.

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