Sunday, January 8, 2012

More Weddings from Wednesday

My last post was about an immigration wedding. It was not a happy post. Today's post has happier weddings, interesting clothing choices, and love in the room.

The first wedding the bride was hugely pregnant.  She and the witness would have looked better in thin white dresses.  They both wore tops that just covered their waists.  And they both wore black tights, not even leggings, tights.  We are talking butt crack, camel toe, and nothing left to the imagination.

Then we had the plus sized woman with the humongous breasts.  Her top was open to nearly her waist, and her breasts swung loose.  Yes, swung.  No bra. Marriage Desk Clerk D said she didn't know where to look while doing the paper work for the couple.  It was not a pretty sight.

Now these couples were greatly in love.  We had tears, we had laughter, we had hugs of love.  If you are in love what you wear doesn't matter.  D and I may want to pull our eyes out, but love is the important thing.

The next couple was afraid they weren't dressed appropriately. The wedding was a last minute thing. This couple could wear feed sacks and look great.  They were both beautiful people.  They looked as if they should be in Paris.  They were wearing skinny jeans, turtles neck sweaters and gorgeous black coats.  They had two nieces with them, along with other family.  The bride combined two of our silk flower bouquets to hold during the ceremony.  The little girls (who were around 7 years old) were to come up during the vows, each take a bouquet, and then sit back down.  They were to return the bouquets to the bride after the ceremony.  They came up when I told them, and then each girl took a bouquet, stepped to the left of the bride and stood there.  Each girl was holding the flowers at her waist as I had told the bride to.  They wanted to be part of the ceremony, and we left them there.  They were so cute standing like bridesmaids.

My last couple was dressed to the teeth.  The groom wore a black suit and the bride wore a black and white satin ruched sheath.  The strapless bodice was white and the high waisted skirt was black.

Their daughter was around a year old.  She wore a pink knit dress with kittens on the skirt., pink tights, and pink boots.  This child was so pretty.  She had little curls all around her face.   About half way through the ceremony she started giggling and laughing. What a lovely sound, a laughing child.  Except laughter and giggles are contagious.  I nearly bit a hole in my check to get through the ceremony.  Others lost it.  When I pronounced the couple married, the whole room erupted in laughter. 

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