Sunday, January 15, 2012


Today we went into San Francisco for the Fancy Food Show.  This is a three day event we have attended for at least 5 years. There are over a thousand vendors from all over the world who come and show their wares.  Marty and I spent 4 1/2 hours walking the hall and sampling foods.

There was a lot of processed, I can’t cook, meals.  There were chefs cooking or warming up food.  There were little companies trying to break into the grocery world. There were huge companies such as Mezzetta showing their products.  A little something for everyone.


We have arrived.  Let the food sampling begin.


I loved the carved vegetables. These were at the Thai Feast booth. We took a sample of Pad Thai.  It was Ok, but not what we have had at Thai restaurants.  I think it would go over fine in other parts of America, where they don’t have as authentic Thai food as we do in the Bay Area.


Marty has a hard time passing up tea booths.


This would be me with Chef Susan Feniger.  I loved her on Top Chef Masters. The food she was serving today was excellent.


You will have to click on the above picture to read the sign.  They sell chocolate to go with wine. Two perfect food groups.


This is the Stubb’s Bar B Q Sauce booth.  It made me sad this year.  They were just barely cooking, and it was just sausage, little pieces of sausage.  Folks, this showed we have a recession on.  Every year in the past they have brought a huge trailer,(almost semi truck size) filled with smokers, grills, tables, sauces, posters. They drove that trailer right onto the convention floor.  They were cooking! It was wonderful.  They barbequed ribs, brisket, and sausage.  They set out dinner size plates, forks, napkins, and lots of sauces.  They let you take as much as you wanted.  Their booth is where everyone came for lunch.  Not this year, we got the tiny cup with a part of a piece of sausage.  It was wonderful tasting, but oh so little of it.

We have had a lovely day.  Our feet hurt, we are tired.  We can’t wait to go back tomorrow to sample the next hall of food.

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