Thursday, January 19, 2012

Not the week I planned

Sunday and Monday went fairly well.  Fun at the Food Show in spite of the swelled up foot.  Tuesday I was supposed to go to school and help the first graders.  Well, I had the foot I could barely walk on for any length of time.  Also Monday afternoon I lost my voice.  I had a voice, just not mine.  This one was rough and sometimes didn't work. I don't have a sore throat, I"m not sick.  I just can't talk much. So Tuesday I didn't go to school.  I could barely walk or talk. 

I stayed home Tuesday, didn't talk, kept my foot up as much as possible.  The foot got some better but the voice didn't.

So Wednesday I called in come and go voice to the Marriage Factory.  I stayed home, foot up and no talking. Last night the voice was some better.  But still not good.

Today, I declared the foot healed. I had laundry to do and had to go up and down stairs, a lot.  We will see tonight if the foot agrees it is healed.  The voice is gradually improving, but still sounds terrible.

Stupid allergies.

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