Saturday, January 14, 2012

Wedding fashions and other stuff

Wednesday some of the couples had some good looking outfits, as did their family members.

One bride wore a strapless satin sheath.  The burgundy bodice had ruched roses and the skirt was black.  She had on black tights and black peep toe shoes.  He wore a lavender long sleeved shirt and black slacks. But the fashionista was the bride's 5 year old daughter.  Her dress had a black and white checked top trimmed at the neck with a small burgundy line, a red sash, and a black velvet circle skirt.  She wore black tights and grey suede boots that were trimmed in "fur". 

The next bride wore a one shouldered white ruched dress with a black sash.  Are you noticing that ruching is back in?  The groom wore a grey suit, a tan ivy cap sometimes called a flat cap, and shoes that matched the weave of his cap.  His 4 year old son wore a white shirt, black vest and slacks, with a little cap like Dad's. 

The son walked up to me, stuck out his hand and said, "Hi, I'm Nate and I'm four."  He grabbed my hand and held it all the way up to the wedding room.  He was just darling.  He sat down and watched the ceremony quietly.  I pronounced the couple married and they kissed.  Nate went ballistic! He ran screaming," NO!!!! BAD!!!! BAD!!!!"   up to Dad and started hitting him over and over.  He kept hitting and Dad had to pick Nate up and hold him away from him.  Nate calmed down some, but ran around like a crazy child and kept saying BAD.   While we were in the Marriage Desk Office, Dad said that Nate didn't like him kissing girls.  I told the couple they better keep the bedroom door locked. 

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