Monday, January 23, 2012

The Weekend

The past week, as I reported, wasn’t as planned.  The weekend went much better.  And I hope this week will continue to be normal.

Saturday we had a friend for dinner.  We knew we wanted to have Dungeness crab, but how to fix it.  For crab my job is to do research, find recipes and let Marty pick one.  I only help clean crab, I rarely cook it.

I found several recipes and we agreed on Crab Imperial.  Crab Imperial is basically a rich crab cake with a sauce cooked over it.  There are a zillion ways to make it.

Marty bought live crab and cooked them.  We cleaned them and then he did his magic .  I cleaned romaine for a Cesar salad, and parboiled  fresh peas to sauté later.   The meal was rich, lovely, and left me wanting more crab.

Guess what?  Marty had only used the body meat for his dish.  He saved out the claws for dinner Sunday night.  I made a tartar sauce, cut up some tomatoes, added a little seasoning, mixed in the crab and we had Crab sandwiches.  Very good.  But I think I would have preferred the crab hot over a fancy pasta dish.

This weekend we are again having friends for dinner.  Pretty sure we are doing crab again.  I am excited.  It looks like the pasta sauce will win.

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Overthunk in said...

Your "About Me" section caught my eye, I too, am an educator across the border. Your blog is making me hungry :)