Sunday, January 1, 2012

More Weddings from Wednesday

The first wedding of the day, I found a possible error on the license.  There is a box that asks for the mother’s birth name.  The bride’s mother’s last name was the same as the father’s.  Now that happens sometimes, so I went out to check before we did anything.  The bride said that it was her mother’s married name.  I took the license back to Clerk L.  She blew a gasket. 

L had asked the bride about the name.  The bride said that was the name on her mother’s birth certificate.  To me she says not the correct name.  We reprinted the license with the correct maiden name.  How hard a question is birth name?

One wedding really bothered me.  Everyone was happy except the bride.  She was the saddest looking young woman.  I was sure she wanted to be anywhere except my wedding room.  Her family was happy, his family was happy.  He was happy.

He also was a sleaze bag.  All during the ceremony he kept grabbing her and kissing her face and neck.  She just stood there and took it.  I was sick to my stomach watching him.  He was like a dog marking his territory.  I took the ceremony very slow in case she wanted to back out.  She didn’t.  She was no happier when they left.

There were several lovely fun happy weddings.  Little girls in fancy dresses, brides dressed up with bouquets.  But one wedding stands out.

The groom was 47 and the bride was 27.  It was a first marriage for both of them. It was also a secret marriage.  (I wish I knew why)  In July they are having  a big “wedding” for family. Such happiness and love in the room.  They had a baby around 5 months old  in a carrier. They put the baby on the floor between them during the ceremony. They were ecstatic, grins, great vibes coming off them.

When they kissed after the ceremony, I looked at the baby.  He is looking up at them.  He had the most puzzled expression on his face.  It was like, what are they kissing for, what is going on?  I hope the witness got a picture of that little boy’s face.

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