Sunday, April 1, 2012

Enough with children, back to the weddings

Before I left to help babysit with my sister-in-law, I was at the Marriage Factory.  I wrote about the goat herders.  There were other weddings that day and I said I would write about them.  That was before the babysitting.  I had forgotten that there is no me time while caring for little ones.  I am home now and have time to bring you up to date.

Monday most of the couples had been together a long time.  Couple 1 had been together 24 years.  Their children were their witness.  The bride was stunningly beautiful with a gorgeous personality.  The couple was so sweet, so in love, so emotional.  This marriage meant a lot to them.

Couple 2 had been together 40 years.  They were like two teenagers.  They laughed, blushed, giggled, held hands.  There was love in the room.

Couple 3 were divorced in 1966 . . . from each other. I had a do over wedding. He was on oxygen and still having problems breathing.  He took the oxygen hook up off during the ceremony. I had them sit on a pew so he wouldn't have to use much energy.  Both their voices were clear and determined while saying their vows.  When I pronounced them, he leaned over, grabbed his bride, and kissed her soundly.

They later told me even though divorced, they had been together 46 years.  That made me wonder what happened to make them divorce and get back together so quickly.  I hate when I have no endings.

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