Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Fun Fourth of July

Yesterday, as we have done since 2000, we went up the hill to a cookout.  Neighbors from our last house invite (on a Hills Forum) everyone around them to a potluck cookout.  There were over 100 people there.  I am sure our host was meeting several for the first time.  Their house sits on one of the highest points in Oakland and has a nearly 360 degrees view.

On the Fourth we look at multiple cities that are shooting off fireworks.  Or I should say, listen to the fireworks.  This is the San Francisco Bay we are looking at.  What goes with San Francisco?  Fog.


There should be the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges in there somewhere.  As the night wore on, the fog got farther and farther in.  Lots of booms and colored clouds.

Thirteen trips up the hill, we have seen fireworks maybe three times.  But we don’t care.  It isn’t about the fireworks.


The man in the white on the steps is our host, Russ.  He is an unashamed Patriot who bleeds Red, White, and Blue.  Every Fourth he gives us a history lesson on America.  We pledge allegiance to the flag, led by our firemen.  Next a group picture and then the food.


It was a lovely evening, around 70 degrees and dropping.  We had burgers, polish sausage, and hot dogs.  There were all kinds of salads and veggies.  Later every dessert you can think of.


We lucked out and scored a table with friends.  No sitting on the wall this year.  Also we were next to the wine table.


I had a huge burger, my potato salad, black beans with a masa topping, a pasta shrimp salad, tomatoes and feta cheese salad,  a tossed salad with all kinds of goodness in it, and a smoked peppers and feta cheese salad.  Some were very good, some just OK.  I did not finish everything nor did I have dessert.  I was full.

I keep mentioning our firemen.  Or Firepersons.  Russ’ house was damaged during the Oakland Hills Fire.  He stood his ground and fought the fire with the firemen.  Nearly 4000 homes were lost.  Our fire personnel are always honored in the hills.  They saved so many lives, and finally stopped the fire before it burned to the Bay.  They are heroes.

Every year we meet new people, see long time friends, meet the firemen who protect us during Fire Season, and eat some great food.

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