Saturday, July 28, 2012

Call for Volunteers

At the beginning of the week a press release went out telling about the opportunity to do weddings at the County Building.  News agencies wanted to meet a volunteer and follow one to see what we do.  I was asked to do interviews with TV reporters on Wednesday.   I was there, no reporters showed up.  They wanted to come on Friday, a day I don’t work.  I agreed to come in.  Hey, it’s 30 seconds of fame.  Several reporters came on Friday.  Some talked to just staff, some talked to Commissioners too.

Friday I arrived at 10:00 and the first reporter arrived shortly after.  It was Mike Sugarman from 740 KCBS radio and channel 5 KPIX TV.  He interviewed a couple of other commissioners and then me.  He had been sworn in as a Deputy Marriage Commissioner and I was to train him.  His report will not be on the radio until Monday morning.  I will tell you all about the day with him and link to his report on Monday.  For locals it is on Monday morning at 6:40, 7:40, 8:40, 9:40.

Don Ford is a reporter from KPIX TV.  He and Mike Sugarman work together sometimes.   I can not find a bio of Don, lots of links to stories he has done.  Don interviewed three of us and then had his story on the news Friday night.   I have a link for it.  I have found in the past after a couple of weeks these links won’t work.  Don interviewed me for maybe 10 minutes and the other 2 for about the same time.  He followed Joe Mallon (our guest blogger) and me around and filmed at least 2 weddings.  Don also filmed Mike Sugarman doing a weddings.  He filmed at least an hour of what we do.  All that cut down to less than 2 minutes. 

One other reporter joined us.  Theresa Adams from   an on line news agency.  Again no bio found, just stories she has done.  She said her article will be posted on Monday.  She interviewed some of us, watched the weddings, and made copious notes.  Monday I will link to her article.

We now hope the reports from the various news agencies will bring in new volunteers.  We have gaps during the week with only staff to do marriage ceremonies.

I have to say my day with the reporters was fun.  They were so nice, not like some we have shown around. No, I am a star and you are so lucky to be in the same room with me.  I won’t mention names, but I do take  bribes.   They were respectful of the couples which is our biggest concern. 

Volunteers burn out, have health issues, can’t make that commitment to showing up every week.  Staff has even “fired” one volunteer.  It is a huge responsibility to be a marriage commissioner.  It is also an awesome job. I love doing marriages, and Joe loves doing them.  We just can’t quit smiling.  Hope some of you join us.

For information about volunteering, click here.

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