Monday, July 2, 2012

There are people in my house!

As I told you all last week, our house is on the market.  I hate having a house on the market.  I am a good housekeeper, but having everything pristine by 9:00 every morning is hard.  Plus I must be dressed by then. 

Unless I have somewhere to go, I rarely dress before noon.  I work around the house in my night shirt.  I figure it’s less work and saves water to wash one night shirt than jeans, underwear, and a shirt; and then have to clean up again and put on clean clothes.  So this house selling is cramping my style.

The Realtors all but tell me to get out of my house, in the nicest way, when they show it.  Sometimes I can, usually I can't.   We have one car, if Marty is gone I can't leave.  I sit in the courtyard and read as people go through.  If  it is an Open House, I leave because that is for hours.  Thursday I went to work with Marty.  Sunday he and I went into San Francisco for the afternoon.

Sidebar:  The economy must be greatly improving.  San Francisco was packed with tourist.  Most of whom were foreign.  Very little English spoken anywhere.


Lots of people at Pier 39.  Lots of people.


The people in the background are in line for the Red and White Fleet.  The line is at least 2 blocks long.

Now back to our story.

We have had a Brokers’ Tour, an Open House, and lots of Realtors bring  people through.  So the traffic is good.  We have one more Brokers' Tour and Open House, then we will "accept" offers.  (That always sounds funny to me.  How gracious of us to allow people to buy our home.)

One big thing Marty and I did.  Almost 2 years ago a neighbor came to us and said our tree was taking their view.  I was horrified, Bay views are sacred.  Plus legally you can't take a view.  We let them trim/top the tree. 


Well, we all know what happens when you top at tree.  It explodes with growth.  This tree above almost doubled in width and was way up into the wires. 

I went to the neighbors and said if you can get this tree out before we go on the market, we are fine with it.  The new owners might fight trimming the tree.  They took it out the day before the first tour.


We now can be seen from the street.  The neighbors are thrilled it is gone.  A win win.

Yes, this is a mixed blog.  But this is pretty much my life right now.

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