Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Now some stories of weddings from me.

I have become pretty good sounding out names from other countries.  This couple nearly threw me though.  The names were Ghluhlum, and Humaira.   No way can I phonetically spell  these out, but I pronounced them correctly. 

In the elevator the groom said that they had planned to marry on Monday when they bought the  license.  But there was a problem, as they crossed the street, her ring fell off her finger and rolled into the storm drain.  I thought that was a big problem.  But also they wanted the clerk to write up their prenuptial  agreement.  We don’t do that.  So they left and we guess had a lawyer draw up a prenuptial agreement. They were back and I married them. Her ring had been replaced.  And everyone was happy.

The next bride was stunning.  She wore a lined white lace dress.  It was strapless and to the floor.  Her makeup had to have been professionally done.  It was flawless.  Her brilliant red lipstick was the exact same shade as her roses.  Who but a pro could match roses and lips? 
The groom wore a black vest and black slacks with a white shirts.  He wore black pointy toed ankle boots that were edged at the sole in silver.  

They had been friends since they were 7 and 8 years old.  Everyone in the room was so emotional knowing the friendship and love this couple had had for so long.  Everyone cried.

I see a lot of pregnant brides.  They marry in wedding dresses that usually have an empire waist or are just stretched out.  This bride had a true maternity wedding dress.  It was gorgeous and flattered her bump. The dress was white, strapless, to the floor.  The front was perfectly draped to cover yet not deny the bump.  Really a well done look.

Now to the guests.  All the women were dressed up.  Some of the men even had on suits and ties.  Then we have the bride’s mother and sister.  They had on the same dress.  It was a really ugly shade of pink.  The dress was a halter top and was pleated to a bubble hem, which was well above the knee.  The mother’s dress was stretched out and not really pleated.   The dress was loose on the sister and she had belted it in.  Just strange to look at these two women.

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