Monday, July 30, 2012

Mike Sugerman’s Day With Me

Last Friday we had reporters at the County Building. They were there to get the word out about the County’s need for volunteer Marriage Commissioners.   I wrote about that last week.  And as  promised here is the update on Mike Sugerman’s report on KCBS.

Mike spent a large part of the day with me.  He was sworn in as a Marriage Commissioner and I trained him.  He shadowed me to see how we do weddings and then he was to do a ceremony.  Only everyone was too shy and didn’t want to be on the radio.  So he interviewed me and two other commissioners.  Finally we had a brave couple who would be on the radio.  The bride listened to him every morning, so was excited to have “that voice” do the ceremony.  He does have a magnificent voice.

Sneaky Marriage Desk Clerk D took pictures of the wedding. Some are through the glass door, some she took with door opened a little.


Mike doing a little interviewing.


Don Ford filming Mike doing the ceremony.  I am holding Mike’s recorder.


Another angle of the ceremony.


Us from the front.  Mike was having a great time.  Big smiles.


The witness taking pictures too.


Last shot of Mike as he pronounced them married.

He was high as a kite on excitement after the wedding.  He said he understood why we volunteered as Marriage Commissioners.  It was such a happy fun job. 

This morning Mike Sugerman gave his radio report.  The link goes to a written report.  Down in the middle of the page is a link (this is a small pop up window) to the audio report.  I have my fingers crossed this works.  Every one has had trouble with this.  If you have trouble, leave a comment and I will try to get a better link.

The on line news agency has not put up their report.  If it shows, I will link it too.


Sue T. said...

Oh mercy - that written report quotes "Janet Apple" and "Joe Maloon."

Janet A said...

Sue, Joe and I both spelled our names. I even said everyone spells my name wrong. Oh well, everyone knows who they meant.

German Village Mom said...

Very cool!!