Saturday, July 21, 2012

July 20 1969

On July 20 1969 I totally missed the first moon landing. I was busy that day and the night before. I hosted a dinner party.  And I was in labor. I knew I was in labor, but not having contractions close enough to go to the hospital.  I told no one.  Why ruin a party?  I had daiquiris, some Champagne, and a full meal.  Back then we didn't worry so much about drinking while pregnant.  I didn't drink much, but in labor I did.  I knew they wouldn't give me good drugs until late in the labor.  I was going to go to the hospital relaxed.

I had been having contractions most of the afternoon.  I somehow knew I was going to be very slow having this baby.  I was very much like my  mother, slow in birthing a baby.  So I enjoyed the party.  After every one left I told Mary I was in labor and he needed to do the dishes and clean up.  I curled up on the bed and started clocking contractions. 

We left for the hospital around 1:00 A.M.  Contractions were a minute apart. But nothing much was happening.   I was very slow to get to to point of delivery.  Our son Erik was not born until around 5:00 P.M.  I have always thought he would have been born earlier if Marty and the doctor hadn’t been busy watching the landing on the moon on TV.   After the landing the doctor said to Marty, let’s go deliver the baby.  They gave me a shot, (still not dilating) and then off to the delivery room. Our son was born, and he was perfect.  

Today that baby turned 43.   We have a child 43 years old????   Our precious baby is middle aged?   Holy Crap we are really really old. 

P.S.  That baby was not hurt by the little bit of drinking I did while pregnant.  He is very intelligent, and has a Master’s Degree in Geology.

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