Sunday, July 29, 2012


I just looked at my wedding notes and realized I haven't written much about weddings.  I have written about things happening at the County Building, but not much about weddings.  So here we go, just  weddings.

Spell check has quit working, they even said to check back later.  I did.  Still not working.  Regular readers know I am not a good speller.  So if it is not the correct spelling, not my fault.  I tried to use spellcheck.  Also Blogger is again putting links from my blog to ads and some of the ads are not always nice.  I am trying to figure out how to get rid of the links.

The clothing is always interesting.  When I write the colors some of the ethnic brides wear, it really sounds strange.  But to look at them, gorgeous.   One of the brides was from Fiji.  Her clothing looked as if she were Indian or Pakistani.  She wore a tunic over light orange puffy pants.  The tunic was jeweled and turquoise that bled into orange and then back into the turquoise.  I know it sounds awful, but it was beautiful.  This couple was in their late 40's.  There was huge love in the room.

The next group was large, they filled up the room.  They were all having a fun time.  The bride had a red flower in her coal black hair.  She wore a black sleeveless top with a dull goldish skirt.  The groom wore a white shirt, black vest and slacks.  The groom was so moved I didn't think he would get through the vows.  Tears were streaming down his face.  Her father took a picture of my book to capture the words of the ceremony. 

All of this sounds so nice, and was except for the bride's spoiled brat sister.  All through the ceremony she was eating something like Twizzlers.   Chomp chomp, rude noises, talking.  Oh did I mention she was at least 10 years old?  After the ceremony they wanted family pictures and sister would not put down the candy.  The parents took the candy away from her and she pitched a screaming hissy fit.  All during the pictures she made ugly faces.  I so wanted to smack her up the side of the head.  She ruined the family group pictures.

This last story is all about the dogs.  Yes, we had dogs, guide dogs.  The bride and the groom were both blind.  Their witness K was either a very close friend or else a great caregiver.  The couple was fun, and very forgiving of me trying to get them (couple and 2 dogs) lined up under the wedding arch.  I am not real good giving directions.  My left is not not their left.  I had the poor groom turning in circles.  He was sweet, he kept laughing and said that K walks him into walls all the time.  I doubt that but it made me feel better.  Finally we are lined up and ready to go.  I have the groom and his beautiful Golden Retriever, the bride and her beautiful German Shepherd. During the ceremony the Shepherd sat on the bride's foot, I guess his usual spot.  The Retreiver leaned onto the groom's leg so hard, I was afraid the groom would tilt over.  It was a sweet loving ceremony.  Those dogs adored their masters, and the masters adored their dogs.  When I pronounced the couple husband and wife, the dogs went crazy barking.  They had picked up the emotions of the couple.  I loved this wedding.  So much love, so much bravery, and such fun people.

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