Wednesday, July 4, 2012

More Weddings from Last Week

Last week I didn’t write about all the weddings.  As usual some are so normal there is nothing to write.  And then we have others.

The couple was from Cambodia and they had several family members with them.  As I was asking them to mute their phones, someone’s rang.  The guest answered it and was talking away.  I asked her to please hang up, she ignored me.  I continued with questions for the couple and then I was ready to start the ceremony.  Guest is still talking.  Again I asked her to hang up.  She kept talking.

I began the ceremony anyway.  As it turned out, the phone lady was the least of the offenders.  Everyone in the room was talking over me, including the bride and groom.  I figured screw it, just get the ceremony done.  After the ceremony the bride was really upset.  She was worried because she had on jeans and not a formal outfit.  Had she offended anyone?  I told her clothing was not what makes a wedding/marriage. It was her wedding so she could dress how ever she wanted. She calmed down.  The guests, still talking.

The next bride was in a floor length strapless white dress that was just a smidgen too long.  It had an empire waist and knife pleats. The dress was made of  a chiffon like material.  She wore little sparkly Kitten heels.  The bride kept tripping over her dress and was wobbling in those unsteady heels.  To make all this really scary, she was 8 months’ pregnant.  She carried a huge bouquet of white and burgundy flowers.  The groom wore a burgundy shirt and had a white boutonniere.  The families were so happy and taking lots of pictures.  The picture taking became an issue.  They focused for ever before snapping the shot.  These were expensive cameras, they didn’t need to worry about the focus.  They all had automatic focus.

Another bride wore a knee length strapless white cotton dress.  It had heavy cream  embroidery 10 inches above the hemline that dropped to the bottom of the dress.  As we got in the elevator, the bride asked her mother if her slip was showing.  Mother said, “No, and I am soooo glad you wore a slip.”  I told them I was too.

The groom’s mother couldn’t be there, so they had her on speaker phone.  After I pronounced them married, Mom let out a big scream and said that she had heard everything perfectly.

Nice people even the talky ones.  Cultures are different.  What is rude to me, may not be to others.  But still, I asked her to hang up twice.


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