Friday, July 13, 2012


This week there were beautiful clothes at the weddings.  There were nice people and really rude people.  And we had a panic attack.  Just a normal week at the Marriage Factory.

I had a couple from India.  All the women were dressed in a gorgeous salwar kameez.  This is a style of tunics over loose pants.  They were different colors and highly decorated with “jewels”.  The dresses were sky blue, hunter’s green, coral. These women had incredible diamond rings and gold bracelets. 

The couple had done  a cultural wedding and exchanged rings then.  But the bride wanted the ring ceremony again.  The groom agreed to it, and then his ring wouldn’t come off.  He tugged and tugged.  Finally someone handed him some lotion and the ring came off.  Then it wouldn’t go back on.  It was sitting on his knuckle.  The boy needs to go get that ring sized.

After the beauty of the above wedding, the next couple were the extreme opposite.  The groom’s jeans were hanging on the ground.  The crotch was below his knees.  So he was doing that silly walk of throwing one leg, then the other, while his hands were in the pockets holding up the jeans.  And the bride, bless her heart.  She was a small woman with a cute figure.  Unfortunately, her clothes were two sizes too small.  Her top was skin tight and caused a roll around her waist.  She wore sprayed on jeans and hooker boots.  You know what I mean, high heeled boots that went above the knees.  And the crowning look, Lee Press on Nails.  They were so bored by the ceremony.  They are having a big party later on. That is the important thing to them.

The couple was from The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  The bride was very nervous and the groom was worried about and protective of her.  As we turned the corner and she saw the Wedding Room, she froze.  She turned pale and grabbed her mouth as if she were going to throw up.  And she was dizzy.  We got her in the room and sat her down.  She was in a full blown panic attack.  I talked to her alone to be sure she wanted to marry.  She did, she just was scared.  This was a huge deal.  I had the groom come sit with and hold her.  She told me she was ready.  So we did the ceremony.  Afterwards she was smiling and laughing.   She just had a moment.

Now to the rude people.  It was a large group. They had screaming children running all over the lobby.  They had been waiting for a witness and let the clerk know all were here now.  I had to call their names three times before they bothered to saunter over to me.  As always, I asked, “Is everybody here?”  Yes, we get on the elevator.  As I start to push the button for the floor, I heard the groom say, “We can wait for Dad upstairs.  I said “No, if everyone isn’t here we don’t go up.  Please get off the elevator.”  They wouldn’t get off.  They would go on without Dad.  Fine. I again start to punch the floor and one of the children reaches and punches all the floors.  I nearly smacked him. 

We go into the Wedding Room.  They all start stalling.  They need this, a question here, and then a question there.  They are trying to wait for Dad.  They are holding the room and me hostage.  I have two other weddings to do.  I had had it with them.  They lied more than once.  I started the ceremony.  Dad missed it. 

All they had to do was step off the elevator and wait for him.  They had waited for one guest.  They knew we took them as soon as she showed up.  Why the wanting to wait upstairs? Let me take the next couple and then come back for them.  No, they wouldn’t listen to me and lied to me. 

I was going to end with the above wedding.  But it leaves a bad taste.  So one one more lovely bride story.  She wore a knee length strapless dress.  The skirt was white layers of tulle.  She wore a shawl and matching high heels in what my family calls U of K blue.  It was stunning against the white.

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