Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Little Closer to Normal

Today is the first day in months that I have not been grieving,  fretting about Papa Jack, cleaning out closets, donating stuff, having a yard sale, packing and shoving boxes, or unpacking and shoving boxes.  

We are in San Diego and unpacked.  Well, I am,  Marty is still working on setting up his “office area”.   We brought clothes for 2 seasons, food that will expire before we move back to the Bay Area, items that won’t fit in an apartment (these will be given to Richard and Luis, or Luis’ family), Marty’s work equipment and papers, and stuff that wouldn’t fit into the storage unit.  Richard and Luis just smile as we move in and take over their home.  They are the bestest friends ever.

The two of them have babied us, wine and dined us, comforted us.  They are very very special people.  We love them very much.

Before we left I had my annual physical.  Let us say Dr. J. was less than pleased with my weight and blood pressure.  Sunday I began water exercises.  With my bad knee, walking on land is out.  But in the water there is  less resistance and pain.  I also plan to eat healthier.  Notice I said plan.  I will try.  Besides the health issues, vanity comes into play.  As I packed clothes I looked at my smaller ones.  They are really pretty, and expensive.  I need to get down to them again.  I brought some with me as an incentive.

Doing nothing for a few days will be nice.  But I need to find something to occupy my time.  And I don’t mean cooking and cleaning.  But for now I sleep late, do my time in the pool, get dressed, read, eat, periodically do laundry, and sometimes cook.  Oh, and I take naps.  Yes naps is plural. 

We are both still very tired, physically and emotionally.  The last 2 years have been really hard.  It might take several more months to feel normal again, whatever that means. 


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vallerose said...

Nothing like a good nap, especially with an animal next to you. That was fun yesterday with Skype.