Friday, August 31, 2012

Today was almost like real life.

Today I got up early (sometimes the bed hog is not worth fighting).  I drank my juice and took my pills.  Then into the swimsuit, hat, sunglasses, and tee shirt.  I did water exercises for 50 minutes. Then I cleaned up and dressed. 

Marty said we would go to 99 Ranch for crab later.  There were other errands to run.  After lunch we took off.  First stop the La Mesa Library.  What a gorgeous library.  We both got our cards and I checked out the first two books for my Northern California book group.  I will SKYPE them and join them every Tuesday night.

Then we were off to 99 Ranch.  We stopped at the buffet line and had a little snack.  Driving that 10 miles made us a little peckish.  While eating a couple next to us started talking to us.  He was Caucasian, she was Asian.  She told us she was surprised to see a Caucasian couple in the store.  We were the only one there.  She wanted to know how we found the store.  We told her we shop all the time in Oakland at 99 Ranch, so seemed normal to find one in San Diego.  We talked a while, got up to head to the live seafood and ran into them again.  We talked some more. 

I almost wish we had exchanged names and addresses.  They were fun to talk to.  Back to the crab,  too expensive.  It was $13.98 a pound, about $7 more than we are used to.  We had forgotten it has to be shipped from Northern California and Washington down south.  We then looked at the lobster, only $5.99 a pound.  Lobster it will be.

Then we went to a Mediterranean store for bread and butter.  I went to CVS to replace my dead curling iron.  Nothing there like my old one.  So tomorrow will be an adventure fixing my hair.

Now Marty is getting ready to cook the lobster.  I need to go fix a salad to go with it.  Salad, bread and butter, lobster and butter.  Doesn’t sound healthy, but does sound good.

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