Thursday, August 9, 2012

Some Rules Need to be Broken

Wednesday was really slow at the Marriage Factory. I sat for an hour and a half, nothing.  I was falling asleep.  So I went out to bother staff, the deli people, just walk around. 

I saw the family come in the door.  Dad in a white shirt and blue slacks.  Mom in a white satin sheath.  It had layers of flat satin about 2 inches wide on a slant from shoulder to the knees.  She had rhinestone earrings and a drop necklace.  The guests were dressed up .  Everyone was respecting the occasion.  And then I saw the little girls.

Two little ones, 4 and 6 years old.  White dresses, white ruffled socks, white Mary Janes.  Each dress was trimmed in a bright color.  They had head bands in the bright colors.  I told one of the Deli workers I hoped they spoke English, I wanted this wedding.  And they did!!!!!!!!!

The wedding was lovely.  The little girls stood by their respective parent.  The girls got tired toward the end and sat on the floor.  The dresses were puffed out around them.  It was lovely to look at.

I have a rule, I do not take pictures of the weddings for my blog.  It seems an invasion of their privacy.  But I asked if I could take a picture of the girls, and I would not show their faces.  The parents said yes.  They seemed so pleased I wanted to take the pictures.


The overskirt is tulle that is folded and comes back up to the waist.  It makes a pocket for the silk petals.  The top and the under skirt are of a satin like material.  The sashes and the petals are removable and the colors/items can be changed.  Be sure to click to see this larger.  It is well worth the click.


The girls loved their dresses.  They swayed and the petals moved around.  The little girl in orange held the overskirt up and watched the petals slide around.  They were so cute.

His daughter, her daughter, and they already felt like a family.  The girls held hands.  The oldest leaned over to me and whispered to me, “I’m going to be in the first grade.”  She was so proud of herself.

I fell in love with this family.  Not just the couple and their girls.  Her mother, aunts, his father.  They stole my heart.

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Terre said...

Sometimes life just sursprises you with a simple moment to share in joy and bless you.