Friday, August 17, 2012

Still Packing and Packing

Friend Pat has been helping me pack up the house.  Today was her third day here.  She is either a great friend, or totally nuts.  Maybe a little of both.  Pat keeps me on track. I have had a lot of trouble staying focused.  She keeps reminding me to get the tape gun, get the step stool, write down the box number and contents . . .

Pat loves empty shelves.  She throws open cabinet and closet doors and says, "What can I pack in here?  Do you really need all these glasses?  Let's pack these up, you and Marty just need one glass each.  Are you throwing a dinner party?  Get that china in the box." 

Today we packed 9 big plastic containers, and several book boxes and medium boxes.  We also sorted through the cedar chest.  It held 45 years of tablecloths, place mats, and napkins.  I did manage to get rid of some them. And then I found them. Things from Erik's childhood: baby book, little silver comb and brush, a silver rattle, silver diaper pins, part of his blankie, and his Robin costume that Granny made him.  Yes, I cried.  Then we laughed, who but a Southern Belle has sterling diaper pins?

Pat is coming back Monday to work with Kirsten and me on more packing.  I think she will be disappointed if friend Lisa (coming Saturday) and I get everything packed up.  I don't think there is any danger of that. Marty has to make some decisions tonight on many things.  Do we donate, throw it away, or pack it? Even if he throws stuff away, there is a lot we will still keep .  Lisa and I will be packing tomorrow. 

Monday, Kirsten, Pat, and I will still be packing.  We have stuff.

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