Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tired, so very very tired

We have nearly emptied the house.  I have packed up so much.  I have thrown out a lot.  I have become ruthless.  The more tired I become, the faster I head for the wastebasket.  We aren't sleeping, we wake up thinking of all we have to do.  We ache, we hurt, we push on.  It has to be done.

Just to make things more fun, my bad knee has had a big relapse.  The doctor is using the S word:  surgery.  Luckily there wasn't time before we left for surgery and rehab.  So he said we would talk when we come back in December.  Today though a huge change, I could walk without major pain.  The knee is way better.  Keep your fingers crossed. 
We have a lot of stuff to take to San Diego. That will go on the truck in the morning.  We have a few things left to put in storage.  We will load that, drop it at the storage unit and then we head south.  This will be a long boring drive.  Marty in the truck, me following in the car.  No one to talk to.

Sorry so few posts lately.  Joe has sent me a post.  I will try to get that up later this weekend.  After we settle down in San Diego, I will start writing regularly.  Not sure what, but I will let you know how we are doing.  It is a beautiful area.  So I am sure I will have lots of pictures to show you.

My battery has warned me no time left, so I am done whether I want to be or not.


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