Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 24 is getting closer and closer

Moving is awful.  It is emotional.  It is way too physical.  It hurts on every level. But our friends are taking care of us.

Our house closes on August 24.  That means we have to be out on the 23rd. We have so much stuff. We have cleaned out each of the last 2 moves and now this one.  Where did this stuff come from?  Does it breed in the storage under the house?

OR maybe neighbors put stuff under our house.  We keep finding things we have never owned.  For example: a camping stool, we do not camp, we hotel;  three portable picnic tables, they fold up like card tables; a fireman's ax; a huge suitcase; yard tools. Where did this all come from?

Today was our free bulk pick up.  We had so much stuff up on the parking pad.  I was afraid they wouldn't take it.  Waste Management is picky about what they will take.  We heard the truck stop and we jumped out of bed, lowered the shade, and watched them load the trucks.  Would they take it all?  Please take it all!  Yes, everything was legal!  The parking pad again has cars on it. 

We spent the weekend packing.  Marty borrowed Big Blue, a huge huge pick up, from friends Frank and Janet.  Marty moved boxes to the storage unit.  Friend Pat helped me sort through Christmas ornaments and decorations.  She would unpack it, I would then decide if it needed to be thrown away, go to consignment, or keep.  The decision to keep was easy.  If I cried, she re wrapped it and put it in the keep box.

Then we moved on to wine glasses.  Three boxes later, not done with wine glasses.  She is taking me to lunch today, and then back here and packing more wine glasses.

Marty and I took 9 boxes of ornaments and decorations to the consignment shop.  They do not accept Christmas items until September.  I had said I would bring the items in the first week of September.  Well the house sold so quickly, we couldn't wait until September.  The owner very graciously broke her rule to help us out. 

People have been so kind helping us.  Having us to dinner. Friends are great.

Guest Blogger Joe and his wife took us to dinner Saturday.  Fabulous food.

Our son has set up and torn down two yards sales. He chatted up the customers.  He worked like a dog.  He is coming Saturday to move furniture.

Paul has packed art glass and going to store it for us too.  Plus when the kitchen is packed up this weekend we will stay at his house. 

Pat I have mentioned above.  She is great on stopping me from going in circles. I just get over whelmed. 

Kirsten sends love and hugs from work or  England even Wine Country, drops by to give hugs, and will be packing Monday.  She, Karl, Frank, and Janet are having us to dinner Monday night. We will take Big Blue back but will borrow it again from Frank and Janet.

Yesterday four of the clerks at the Marriage Factory took me to lunch.  We had a great time.  They are so worried I am not coming back from San Diego.  They worry and then one of them cried.  So I cried too.

Saturday night we are going to Ben and Dan's for dinner. 

The love and help has been so touching.  Lots of email, Facebook love.

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