Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wedding stories part 2

I have lots of stories, again from the last couple of weeks.  Here are a few of them, some are happy, we had errors, we had just happy people getting married.

The bride was heavily pregnant, due in less than a week.  She was glowing with love and happiness.  He adored her.  But this woman was in that awful last week of pregnancy, swollen, tired, and ready to have that baby.

I was going to marry babies, the bride was 18 and one week.  The groom was 19.  Lots of family and lots of excitement.  The bride had taken a satin long white dress and added some personal touches to make it her own.  Her dress had good quality satin and was a basic sheath with spaghetti straps.  It was very low cut.  She added a white knit insert to cover up a little.  She make a satin shrug with cap sleeves.  And on the back she added flowing chiffon.  The dress was very simple and elegant at the same time.

The groom was born in 1949 and the bride was born in 1961.  They wanted the ceremony for people in a long term relationship.  Their granddaughter was the witness.  She was so excited for them.  The couple was very moved by the ceremony.  There was love in the room.

Usually the bride is the one who is vain.  Not this time, the groom wouldn't wear his glasses during the ceremony. The man needed his glasses to just walk around.  When he tried to put the ring on the bride's finger, we were all laughing.  He kept backing up to see where her finger was.  He finally got the ring on. 

This last couple was annoying. I was tired (this moving thing is making me nuts and very tired and cranky) and I let them make me snap at them.  I checked the license, and both places where it said mother's birth name we had married names.  It was possible both mothers had the same last names as their husband, but I doubted it. 

I found them and asked if that was the birth names.  No, they had written down birth and married names.  I said we would have to reprint since they had put the married names.  The groom snippily said, "Well! I wish they had told us birth name only."  His tone was rude and hit me wrong.  I snapped, pointed to the words Birth Name and said in my school teaching voice, "Darling, (I am a Southern Belle) it says Birth Name."  He backed off.  He then said he was just too excited to bother reading the license carefully.  I calmed down too.  But it just kept getting worse.

I always have the camera people take test shots.  The witness, bride, and groom have no idea how to operate the camera.  They had just bought it.  They can't find the shutter button.  I took the camera and found the button, showed the witness what to push, and how to use the zoom in/out button. Don't you find it scary that moi, who is useless with tech stuff was showing them how to use a camera?

The bride never once looked at the groom during the ceremony.  She was making duck faces and posing for the pictures.  Also the three of them talked to each other throughout the ceremony.  Really? During the ring ceremony you are talking about how to pose. This couple was in their late 30's, not 18.  They should have known better.

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