Friday, August 3, 2012

Wedding stories part 1

We have little boys helping, errors, good feeing ceremonies.  There is much to write about.  This will need to be a two parter.  So much is going on in our life that I am following behind on blogging.  And that alone will be a blog.

 I often take up couples to Marriage Clerk D for Spanish ceremonies.  Sometimes no one speaks English and they have no idea what I am trying to tell them.   I called the names of the couple, they came up, and I asked if they spoke English.  No.  Anyone here speak English?  No.  But then a little boy, about 6 years old, said, “I do.”  Then his big brother, around 10 years old. said, “No, I’ll do it.  Rather than have a fight, I let them both explain our game plan.  Both boys did a fine job translating.

You all know how we reprint when we find errors.  Sometimes we reprint several times.  Each person who handles the license might find another error.  One clerk was really efficient.  She brought me the licenses, yes plural.  The original one had been marked on and they used white out to cover it up.  You all know the state would never take that.  In her heart she knew that because she  printed out another license.  I knew Marriage Desk Clerk D would never take the first one.  But I took it up anyway so we could laugh together.

Now this couple and their guests gave me grief over the reprinting.  The groom got in my face and was interrogating me about “what errors”.  They had filled in the license perfectly.  I explained and he backed off. 

They had 20+ guests and none of them shut up during the ceremony.  Even  the bride and groom talked to guests during the ceremony.   Since it was such a loud mess and no one seemed interested, I edited the ceremony.  Just did basics, no big long pretty speeches for the rude ones.  There was no love in the room for this ceremony.

After everything is signed I told them I would get the two certified copies they had paid for.  As D is stamping them, one of the guests came into the office and curtly told us they had paid for two not just one license.  Didn’t I just say that was what I was getting?

Let’s end on a happy happy note.  The groom was born in 1932.  The bride was born in 1941.  They did not begin to look that old.  Both of they looked 10 years younger than their ages.  This couple was so in love, so happy, and so emotional.  The groom cried and had a hard time saying his vows.  We made it through and there was great happiness.  Oh, they have been together over 21 years. 


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