Monday, August 27, 2012

Even Joe has days with no interesting weddings

Joe sent this post to me several days ago.  With the move I just didn't get around to posting it.  Here he is trying to help me keep the blog going, and I just couldn't get the energy to do a copy paste.  Sorry Joe, and thanks for trying to help me.

Not much happening at the marriage factory this week, so, with Janet's
indulgence, I want to plug a play Sue & I helped sponsor at the Ashby
Stage in Berkeley, right across from the Ashby BART station.  The play
is PRECIOUS LITTLE by Madleine George, and it's being staged by
Shotgun Players.  Sue & I have been affiliated with Shotgun Players
since 2006, when I joined the board of directors.

A few years ago, we had a lucky break taxwise and found ourselves with
enough money to sponsor Jon Tracy's adaptation of the Iliad and the
Odyssey, the SALT plays IN THE WOUND
(  We enjoyed the
experience so much that we re-upped in 2011 for Mark Jackson's tale of
the first play in North America, GOD'S PLOT

(  Being able to
support adventurous original work and meet the absurdly talented
people who make it was such a pleasure.

When we got this season's schedule and Sue saw PRECIOUS LITTLE
(, it spoke to her, as
a play whose main character is a linguist is wont to do.  Can humans
connect to each other and the world around them?  Is language enough
to do that?  PRECIOUS LITTLE plumbs those questions via the journey of
a linguistics's researcher pregnant with her first child.

We'd seen several readings of the play during its development period,
but the actual production is another thing altogether - deeply moving
in a way only an intimate 3-person play can be.  The cast is three
amazing actors, working on a great set with perfect costumes and
lighting.  Sue & I see a lot of theater, most of it very good.  It's
rare that I'm left speechless (as those who know me will attest), but
PRECIOUS LITTLE left me at a loss for words and almost in tears.

Please see this play.
You can get tickets here:

Joe Mallon

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