Saturday, October 27, 2012

Baby Back Ribs, testing an easy method

Once again we are testing a recipe for Cook’s Illustrated.  This time we are to cook Baby Back Ribs in a shorter time than it normally takes. We hope to still have a delicious finished product.  Ribs can take all day to cook when you cook them low and slow.  This recipe has you cook the ribs at a simmer, and then grill them.  Also there are two sauces to glaze the ribs. 


Wonderful meaty ribs from Costco.  They were trimmed and the membrane on the back had been removed.  Good job Costco.


The ribs are in salted water, then brought up to a simmer.  They simmer until they reach 195 degrees.  That is when they are ready to go on the grill.

IMG_2730    IMG_2732

While the ribs are simmering, the chef and crew need a little refreshment.  Gin and Tonic for the chef, Margaritas, with Grand Marnier, for the helper and our host. 


The recipe also included a choice of three sauces to glaze the ribs with.  We picked two: one was a lime based catsup sauce and the other was a Hoisin based sauce.  Both were excellent (very different from Southern Bar B Q sauce) but the lime based sauce was our favorite.


Our two sauces.  Blue bowl lime, yellow the Hoisin.


You can’t have ribs without Potato Salad and Baked Beans.  Marty is doctoring the beans with some Stubbs Sauce.  It is so good, also so hot it will make your eyeballs sweat.


Marty is putting the glaze on the ribs.  Then to the grill.


On the grill they go.


Not the best picture, night time and not much light outside.   The ribs above traveled to the table and were enjoyed by all.

I really am not fond of ribs, too messy, too much work for so little meat.  But I ate a couple and they were good.  The recipe works,  good food in a much shorter time.


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