Monday, October 29, 2012

Dispatches From The Marriage Factory: Matchy Matchy

Joe's report today is weddings and sports.  And a happy report for the Bay Area it is.  The link to two pictures is worth a click, the cutest sports fan ever.

First of all: Yay Giants!!!

This week at the Hall of Records was a very stylish one, with several
well-designed bride/groom outfits. My favorite was a bride in a
turquoise dress with a groom in a gray vest and trousers with a
turquoise shirt. His tie was turquoise and gray with a matching
pocket square. Very chic!

Second place goes to a bride in a white strapless dress with cobalt
blue shoes. The groom? Cobalt blue shirt to match!

Now, as you can tell from the first sentence in this entry, I am a Bay
Area sports fan. I like every team we've got, no matter the sport.
The most notorious are, of course, the Oakland Raiders, whose fans are
called the Black Hole.

The biggest wedding on Friday featured a bride
in a beautiful gown and a groom in a Hawaiian-style shirt with Raiders
logos on it. Not to worry - several of the guests wore Raiders
jerseys and the bride's bouquet had a Raiders ribbon around the stems!
The groom cracked jokes during the vows, which is OK the first time
or two - nerves and all - but grows exponentially wearisome and
disrespectful to the bride and to me as it continues. My thoughts:
Raiders fans have a bad enough reputation. Why play into that by
being rude?

In conclusion: Yay Giants!

For the readers who are not sports fan, or live outside the USA, the San Francisco Giants won the World Series last night.  Don't forget the pictures below.

Bonus pictures:

Joe Mallon

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Vallery Feldman said...

So cute. Next is the doggy t-shirt. i wore my Giant's earrings.
Two world series in two years. As an SF native, that is a first.