Monday, October 1, 2012

I was a nervous wreck!

When you move, the three hardest people to replace are your doctor, your dentist, and the genius hair dresser who keeps your hair looking marvelous.  The week we left Oakland I had my hair cut by the wonderful Donna.  She gave me rules to give to the person I would trust with my hair for the next three months.  This section keep shorter, texture the ends, not too short anywhere, length in the back, watch out for the cow licks  . . . 

I need to get my hair trimmed every two weeks.  But I only go every 4 weeks. My hair grows really really fast.  It has been 6 weeks since Donna trimmed my hair.  I have been afraid to let anyone else near me with scissors.  I trimmed my bangs myself.  But I'm smart enough not to attack the back.  I looked like a shaggy dog.  Finally I called the woman who cuts Richard's hair.  He sees women Maggie works on and said their hair looked good.  So today I had an appointment with her.

I was nervous.  A bad cut is awful.  You have to wear a hat for weeks, or just stay home.  It isn't just vanity, hair cuts are crucial to looking like a human.  What would Maggie do to me?  Could she work in the same league as Donna.  I was sweating bullets when I got there. 

Turns out Maggie was nervous too.  Cutting hair for a new client is scary.  If the client doesn't like the cut, she won't come back, and she could spread unkind words about you.  I showed her a picture taken a few days after a Donna cut.  That gave Maggie a starting point.  She listened to me, checked how Donna had cut it, even too long she could see the style.  And she began. 

Maggie was great, really checking every single hair before she cut.  I think she did a great job, not Donna great, but I like the cut.  I liked it well enough I have made another appointment for the end of the month. 

You all have seen pictures of me through the years.  What you have seen I have usually been the one who did the blow dry and curling iron bit.  I had Maggie blow it dry, we both needed to see a finished product to be sure it was right.  It is a little shorter than I usually wear it.  But I think a pretty good look.

This is a Donna cut in June and is the picture I showed Maggie.   I did the curling iron bit. 

This is Maggie's work.  She cut it and then did a blow dry.  Two sort of different styles.  Tomorrow when I do it, my hair will look more like the first picture.  That is because of my skill set.

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Kakers said...

I like it! I know what you mean about trying a new stylist. I lucked out the last time I switched and I'm certainly not about to change until I have to. Though I have mine to different things often enough... in the past 6 or so months she's fixed my shade of blond while my hair was down to my waist, did my wedding hair, CHOPPED over a foot off, and now dyed it red. She works magic every time!