Sunday, October 7, 2012


La Mesa has an Oktoberfest celebration.  Streets are blocked off and booths of food, beer, and arts and craft are set up.  We went yesterday.  Beer and sausages, sounds like a healthy lunch.  Well, I don't drink beer, and Luis's brother, Danny, is too young to drink.  But we knew we could find soft drinks. 

On the drive there, Richard and Luis started talking about a Mexican restaurant across from the fair.  They had never been there, but they thought that we should try it.  Beer at the fair would be $7.00 a pop, and the food prices in years past had been outrageous. We decided to go Mexican for food and then go to the fair. 

We ate at Mario's De La Mesa Restaurant.  They don't have a website, but they have wonderful food.  Luis gave it the ultimate compliment.   They use fresh ingredients like his Mother does, and it reminded him of some of her dishes.  I just know there was a lot of food, and I did my best to finish it, but I couldn't.  I ended up picking out the choice parts and leaving other stuff.

Oktoberfest was interesting.  Many stores were open.  This area of La Mesa has lots of antique stores.  Some of them were piled high and dangerous to walk through, others were tastefully arranged.  We saw a lot of stuff we all would have liked to own:  furniture, dolls, cut glass crystal, china, jewelry, art work. 

The fair was more arts and crafts than beer.  Some of the crafts were good.  There were some great purses and hats.  And there were some really really bad crafts.  I don't understand why people are selling tie dyed shirts, skirts, and dresses that are awful colors and ugly patterns.  I decided pictures of bad stuff would be more fun than good stuff.

The entrance to the Beer Garden.  We didn't go in.  They had beer cheaper at the restaurant.

The red in the background is the Trolley system that goes all over San Diego.  Guy in orange shirt in front of the 2 girls is Richard, behind the girls in white shirt is Luis, and in black shirt is Danny.

I found these dresses garish, tacky, ugly, and some just a little slutty.

Here they were selling really ugly material.  You could make your own ugly outfit.

A close up of the bad patterns they were selling.

This was bad because what little girl wouldn't want a tutu in pink?  And they had princess dresses too.  I am sure a lot of mothers went home with crying little ones because they refused to buy at this booth.  I don't even have a little girl to buy for and I wanted to buy a dress.

We had fun walking around and looking.  A nice afternoon spent with good friends.

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