Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Gardens in Balboa Park

Tuesday Marty and I went back to Balboa Park.  This time no museums, we were there for the gardens. I took 74 pictures.  So much beauty.  I have posted 15 for your viewing pleasure.  Do click to enlarge them, the details need to be bigger.   Our first garden I can’t find listed on the website.  It is part of the art museum and just not listed.  It is green grass, a pool, and sculpture.


This is at one of the entrances.  


This park blog gives information about this little garden.

Across the street is the Alcazar Garden.  They were replanting some of the beds and the rich smell of the earth was wonderful. 



The top picture shows the garden as you enter.  The bed to the left is being replanted.  The tree is the background is amazing.  The bottom picture shows Marty searching for a sign to tell us what this tree is.  No sign.  It also shows how huge this tree is.  Yes tree, singular. 


The tile work is gorgeous in this garden.  The flowers are snapdragons.  Yes, the end of October, snapdragons.


This is the sign at the entrance of the Zoro Garden.  It is a butterfly garden.  We did not have much luck finding butterflies.  We saw 3 or 4.  And the little devils are really hard to spot in the flowers.  My pictures are not worth posting.  Maybe next time we will have better luck.


This fountain is in front of a couple of the museums.  I thought it and the sky made a great picture.


We have arrived at the Cactus Garden.  None of the plants had signs to identify them.  They had a sun bleached sign that showed shapes and gave names at the entrance.  It was too faint to photograph and take with us.  So I have great pictures and no idea what we are looking at.


Weird and strange and wonderful at the same time.


When I saw this, all I could think of was Cowboy movies from the 1950’s. 


And now we enter the Rose Garden, just a couple of steps from the cactus.


You are looking at the Gazebo that is below us.  Also note how throughout the garden they have white roses to contrast with the colored roses.


Who is that cute fellow?


This rose was magnificent!  Pure white, with the touch of pink inside.  Loved it.


You have to click on this one to read the name.   The cook in me had to have a picture of this rose.

The aroma as we walked through this garden was heavenly.  Sometimes very strong, other times a faint smell floating by.  I can not imagine this garden at its peak in the early summer.  It was full of blooming roses and buds yesterday.

There are more gardens for us to see next week.

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