Saturday, October 13, 2012

There are art festivals and then there are ART festivals.

Today Richard and Luis took us to the Art and Wine Festival in La Jolla.  Last week I poked fun at some of the art at the Oktoberfest.  Today, the art was ART.  Yes there was some that was not real good.  But most of it was great.  We did not partake of the Wine and Beer Garden.  Some of us had had no breakfast and no lunch.  Not a good thing to drink on an empty stomach. 

                            Paintings, sculptures, glass art, hats, jewelry, you name it, it was here.

                              Richard and Luis in front of some very nice paintings. 
     This was a booth with almost graffiti paintings.  This one reads like a graphic novel.

                        This was one of my favorite booths.  I loved the colors and the motion.

                                   More from the same booth.  They were just fun to look at.

                                              Speaking of fun, check out this fountain.   Love it.

                                          As we walked to the restaurant, this was our view.

                                                                   Lunch on the patio.

We came out of the restaurant, this was across the street.  Everyone going by wanted this vehicle.

We had a lovely afternoon in La Jolla.  Beautiful art work, a very nice lunch, ocean views, good company.  Yes, a lovely afternoon.

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