Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dispatches from the Marriage Factory: Typos & Shoes

Joe has sent us a report that is near and dear to my heart,  typos and reprints.  You have read my rants many times.  Joe, well he is nicer than I am.  I rant, he states facts.

This was a week of typos and shoes.

When a couple comes to the Hall of Records to get married, they enter
all the information for the bride and groom themselves, into a
computer in the lobby.  Any mistakes made in that section are their
fault.  When they get to the counter, they *hand-write* the witness
information for the clerk.  My handwriting is appalling, so I can
understand how clerks sometimes mistake an "a" for an "o" or a "1" for
a "7".

Before the couple pays for the license, they read it over, looking for
typos.  The couple is not always in the clearest frame of mind, which
may explain why our upstairs clerk had to reprint 3 licenses during
my shift.  It wasn't just one kind of mistake.  We had a misspelled
witness name, an incorrect birth date, and a missing apartment number.

Moral: Always get the couple to read the license first.

Fashion report: great-looking and well-matched heels were the order of
the day.  A bride with a black dress and a rose in her hair had rose
heels with black trim.  Sparkly silver dress = sparkly silver heels.
And what is a white sleeveless dress without white heels?

Best post-vow shout by a groom: "Go A's!"  Let's hope...

Joe Mallon

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